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Dec 14, 2015


At home we have a first aid basket and for the car we have a separate first aid box. I’m the daughter of a GP, so it means that I have piles of different shaped bandages, steri-strips and dressings with little idea of how to use them. Our first aid essentials include the following items:

We always have a bottle of sugar free Calpol and calprofen in the fridge. For when we are out and about, we have sachets of paracetamol so you can slip a pre-measured handy packet in your bag for an emergency.

Peppa Pig plasters are a must have in our house. Though at times the appeal of them has to be reined in as Ellie would permanently don a Peppa Pig plaster if allowed! Anti-septic wipes for cleaning up larger wounds and an abundance of dressings have not yet been used…touch wood.


We have tried lots of different brands and factors of sun screen as Ellie has suffered with various rashes. The factor 15 Garnier Ambre Solaire is great and does not give Ellie a rash. We asked our local pharmacist for assistance in finding the right sun screen for Ellie. If you have a similar problem it may be worth taking the bottles of sunscreens you have tried down to a good pharmacist for advice.

Ashton and Parsons powders were a must have for us when Ellie was younger and teething. I still have some left that I give to friends in a teething emergency.

We use olbas oil on Ellie’s pyjamas when she is feeling congested with a cold. The grownups use vapour rub. When she was tiny and had a cold we would put a bowl of boiling water with some olbas oil in next to her bed.


Dioralyte makes a massive difference in perking us up after a bout of D & V. Which as any parent knows is unavoidable for the whole family.

Last but definitely not least…Tissues…you can never have enough tissues!


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