How To Make A Christmas Tree Garland

Dec 23, 2014


Mummy blogger Jess gets crafty this Christmas with her step by step guide to making a Christmas garland…..

Jess is an award winning blogger and mummy to two little people. She loves crafting and eating cake.

Jess says:

“And yep, this was done over a few days, with two young children I find I only get short periods of time to work on crafts! “

Christmas is my favourite time of year for crafting, it’s such a great way to keep the kids entertained when it’s rainy and cold outside and it’s always nice to have a house full of handmade decorations.

I made this Christmas Tree Garland with my four year old, she absolutely loved decorating the trees.

I started by cutting the tree shapes out of card.

Then we painted them and decorated them with sequins and glitter.

When they were dry I made holes in the top and threaded them onto some string.

For the tassels I folded some strips of ribbon over the string and secured it in place with washi tape.

Then I made some mini pom poms and tied them onto the string. I used a pom pom maker but you can also make them using a fork!

You can either hang it up or wrap it around your Christmas tree as an alternative to tinsel.


Supplies are from either The Range or Hobbycraft. Amazon is also great for craft supplies if you can’t get to either of those shops.


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