Christmas is an exciting time of year – especially for little ones, but with all the excitement and activities over the Christmas holiday it can cause quite a disruption to sleep – especially if you are away visiting family and friends.

To help you get some sleep over the festive season, here are my top tips for a happy Christmas Baby Bedtime!

  1. Routine is the magic key!

When I talk about routine I mean feeding, bedtime, naptimes and regular daily activities. Even from a very young age your baby will thrive on routine such as a regular morning outing to the park or meeting other parents. Regular feeding times, and regular nap and bedtimes will help your little one to sleep better at night. When you are away from home – try and stick to your routine as closely as possible as this will help with the away-from-home sleeping arrangements.

  1. Invest in a good travel cot

As adults we all like our own beds and with little ones it’s exactly the same. With this in mind it’s really worth investing in a good quality travel cot with a comfortable mattress.

If you are in a hotel – check before you travel what kind of cots are available and book in advance as often cots are limited in numbers for each hotel.

  1. Creature comforts!

Little ones like routine, but they also like familiarity- and this often means their favourite snuggly toy that they sleep with or blanket. Don’t forget to pack these together with favourite sleeping bags or for older children, pillows or even their favourite quilt. Anything that reminds them of their own bed will make sleeping away a lot easier to manage.

  1. Countdown to Christmas

Babies don’t really understand Christmas but toddlers will start to get excited in the run-up to Christmas and countdown calendars are great for helping them understand how many days away Christmas is, or indeed how long it is until they are going home to their own bed!

  1. Talk to your hosts!

If you are staying with friends and family, don’t be afraid to ask for help in settling your little one into their regular routine. Without being too demanding, explain the routine of bathtime and bedtime so they can perhaps move dinner a little later or ensure there’s hot water available.

If your baby is easily woken by noise, don’t be too shy or worry about being a party-pooper by asking partying friends to keep the noise down a little. The fun doesn’t have to stop just because the music is a little quieter!

Finally – whatever you do – don’t forget to take time for you! If friends and family offer you the chance of a night out together then go for it! If granny offers to do bath-time – let her! If friends offer to take little one out for a stroll – enjoy the peace and perhaps catch up on some missed sleep. Christmas is about celebrating and spending time together, but it’s also a time to rest in preparation for the New Year and all the adventures it may bring!


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