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Ashton & Parsons: trusted for generations

Founded in 1867 in Bishopsgate, London, Ashton & Parsons powders have been used and trusted by generations of parents. Consumer healthcare has changed a lot since then, but the powders continue to remain true to the original formula.

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Working from home with a baby – survival guide

We’re all having to get used to a new normal, and for many of us, that involves suddenly having to adjust to working from home. Whilst this may initially feel like a dream come true, for those of us with babies or young children, the reality of juggling full-time parenting with full-time work (and all in the same space) can feel about as far from fantasy as it gets.

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Tips for working at home with a baby

Whether working from home is the norm for you, or if you’re having to adapt to it due to COVID-19 restrictions, it’s important to remember that there’s no rule book for how best to manage a work-life balance with new babies and young children.

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Teething Gel, my baby and me

Alex discusses teething gels, why Ashton & Parsons Teething Gel is different and the effect its soft brush applicator has had on their (and Martha’s) life when treating sore little gums.

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How to cope with teething when you're out and about

Having had three little ones, Sam offers an experienced insight into dealing with the struggles of teething on the go. From understanding the fears parents have about taking their teething little one out and about, to sharing their top tips on managing the troubles that come along with teething and how our teething gel can help.

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Pregnant and Parenting: The struggle is real

Sarah Aslett is the author of Admissions of a Working Mother blog. She’s a mum, wife, worker, cat lover. Here she talks about looking after a toddler while 27 weeks pregnant…

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Teething: a Dad’s take

Bad Dadu is a professional daddy blogger - The baddest dad in town. I’ve sired two boys which technically does make me a dad. Having sons is the only criteria of being a dad I fulfill. That and arrhythmic dancing. Sometimes I feel more like an inadequate uncle.

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Coping with the clock change by Ellen from Babies, Biscuits and Booze blog

Ellen is a blogger and journalist and has a 10 month old baby boy, here she talks about coping with the clock change....

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Baby’s first holiday by Hannah Richards

“Are we there yet?” It’s the question that my partner and I will undoubtedly come to dread when our monkey is a little older. For the time being however we have other challenges to face whilst travelling with a six-week-old.

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Easter craft by Katharine Robinson

My Christmas craft projects are but a distant memory so it's hardly surprising that I have been rather excited about Easter and the chance to do some seasonal crafting! It didn't take long for me to get my three year old in the spirit of things too - all I had to do was rustle some bright yellow tissue paper and a packet of "goggly eyes" in her direction and she was well and truly on board!

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Three Generations of Teething by Kate Noble

Teething started early for us, at around three and a half months - my little cherub was replaced by a grizzly, grumpy monster and no matter how many baby books I read nothing prepared me for this. What did help was speaking to friends, family and reading online for help. Thankfully we have a wonderful local pharmacist, who offered advice and some teething gel, which initially helped take the edge off, but it didn’t last.

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Teething The Second Time Round by Katharine Robinson

Katharine is a mum of 3 year old Tilly and 3 month old Wilf, who lives in Hampshire. As a second time mummy, she explains what it's like for teething second time around.

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