Trusted by generations for 150 years

With the help of our Teething Powders, Ashton & Parsons have been soothing the symptoms of teething pain for over 150 years. Life’s changed a lot since then – not least with the launch of our award-winning Teething Gel – but families everywhere still rely on Ashton & Parsons to relieve babies’ teething pain.

Ashton and Parsons family outside the original shop

For decades, our powders were made the same way, on the same machinery. But when we became part of Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd in 2011, we realised that demand was outstripping our manufacturing ability, so we took the opportunity to improve things a little. With faster machinery and updated packaging – but still exactly the same ingredients in our powders – we soon got back to operating at full steam and were back on the shelves.

More recently we launched our local anaesthetic-free teething gel, with a specially-designed soft brush applicator to help gently massage the gel onto your baby’s gums. And while it might be a different product, it was driven by exactly the same purpose as when we started over 150 years ago: to help families soothe the symptoms of their baby’s teething pain.

Both the Gel and our Powders offer parents trusted remedies to keep handy, at home and on the move, for whenever and wherever teething pain strikes.

Find out more about our history below!

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Staff outside the Ashton & Parsons established premises at 17 Wormwood Street, Bishopsgate, London.

Staff outside the original Ashton and Parsons


Ashton & Parsons is first advertised in the Liverpool Herald (NSW).

crown and the royal road to safe and easy teething


Baby’s notebook was issued by Ashton & Parsons containing useful hints and suggestions to aid a baby’s well-being.

Ashton and parsons note book


During WW1, it was difficult to deliver medicines to the front line. Ashton & Parsons employee, Henry Victor Hayward designed a cabinet to dry medicines into tablets so they became smaller, more easily managed and conveyable to the front line.

cabinates from WW1


Sir Herbert Parsons in his De Dion Bouton 4 ½ hp car outside the Ashton & Parsons offices in London.

car outside the ashton and parsons office


Ashton & Parsons new machine ‘Kikki’ is installed, named after the Number 1 hit by Elton John and Kikki Dee.

Ashton and Parsons new Kikki Machine


Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd acquired Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders from Reckitt Benckiser/SSL.

Ashton and Parsons teething powder


Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders are re-categorised as a Traditional Herbal Remedy (THR). Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd became a member of the British Herbal Medicines Society (BHMA) in 2013.

Traditional herbal remedy logo


Launch of the first Ashton & Parsons website was developed along with social media channels, based on the heritage of generations of mums. Connect with us through Instagram and Facebook and share your teething tips.

Instagram and Facebook icons


Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders became so popular new machinery was needed. Packaging was improved for storage in baby changing bags.

Ashton and Parson Powder


Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders are now widely available at all major supermarkets and your local pharmacy.

Amazon, Superdrug, Mothercare and boots logos


Launch of our Ashton & Parsons Teething Gel, which goes on to win two awards at the 2019 Made For Mums awards, including a Gold for Innovation of the Year.

Ashton and Parsons gel