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Try our award-winning Teething Powders

Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders have been traditionally used to soothe the symptoms of teething pain for 150 years. Life has changed a lot since then, but Ashton & Parsons is still used by families everywhere as a natural, traditional remedy to relieve babies’ teething pain.

And while everything else has changed, our Powders’ ingredients and recipe remains the same as it has been since 1867.

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How To Use

1. Carefully tear off the end of the sachet.

2. Ensure that your child is sitting or in an upright position, pour the contents of the sachet on to the tongue, a little at a time, allowing the powder to fully dissolve.

3. If your child is very restless, the dose may be repeated every one, two or three hours if necessary until improvement occurs. The maximum dose is six doses in 24 hours.


A traditional herbal medicinal product used for the relief of teething pain and symptoms associated with teething such as sore and tender gums, flushed cheeks and dribbling based on traditional use only.


Each sachet contains powder impregnated with 0.002ml of the active ingredient tincture of matricaria (Matricaria recutita L.) flower. Also contains lactose. Extraction solvent: Ethanol 70% v/v