On top of existing household jobs, living with a newborn means a new set of responsibilities, and deciding on how to split these duties can be one of the trickiest parts of living with a baby. From feeding, changing, and bathing your little one to deciding who will get up in the middle of the night with them.

When your little one starts teething, there is an extra layer of stress added to the situation. Your baby may understandably be more irritated than usual, demanding more of yours and your partners time which without planning and communication could lead to frustration. Particularly if one partner is taking on the lion’s share of teething support.

The benefits of sharing teething workload

According to research, sharing housework and childcare responsibilities fairly between couples is key to a happy healthy relationship as it helps to reduce stress and increases relationship satisfaction. In addition to benefiting the relationship between parents, supporting your baby during teething can also help the bond between parent and child.

In fact, there have been a wealth of studies conducted that show that an imbalance in household responsibilities can lead to relationships breaking down. At times, having a teething baby can cause enough tension without the additional stress of relationship strains.

Read on for our tips on sharing the teething workload between parents to ensure you’re able to work together to keep your baby comfortable without letting teething impact your relationship.

Keep to Routines

It can be tempting to break your baby’s routines when they are teething and they’re not being their usual selves, but where possible it can help to keep to a consistent routine where you can. Babies do get used to routines, so breaking them may exacerbate the problem.

Communication is Key

This may go without saying, but the most important thing is to keep communicating as a couple about how you’re feeling. Having a baby is tough – much tougher than most couples expect – but the more you’re able to be honest about you’re both feeling, the more likely you are to come through it happier and stronger as a couple. If one of you needs extra support at any time to help your teething baby, don’t suffer in silence; ask your partner.

Share Tips

If you’re soothing your baby and a particular teething aid helps, let your partner know. Or maybe you’re up at 3am and find a great television program to watch or podcast to listen to, share the knowledge. Those middle of the night soothing sessions can sometimes feel quite isolating but discussing how you passed the time with your significant other can really help lessen the isolation.

Reduce Teething Pains

Just like each baby experiences teething in different ways, parents all have their own ways of coping, there is no right or wrong so remember that you’re doing the best you can.

And when you need extra support, keep Ashton and Parsons teething powders and teething gels on hand to help provide relief to teething babies.

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