Easter Craft by Katharine Robinson

Katharine is a mum of 3 year old Tilly and 5 month old Wilf, who lives in Hampshire.

My Christmas craft projects are but a distant memory so it’s hardly surprising that I have been rather excited about Easter and the chance to do some seasonal crafting! It didn’t take long for me to get my three year old in the spirit of things too – all I had to do was rustle some bright yellow tissue paper and a packet of “goggly eyes” in her direction and she was well and truly on board! My baby still likes to feed during the night (presumably to ensure that I still get time to go on Pinterest?!) so I’ve had fun collecting images of potential projects, all we then had to do was pick one (without being over ambitious!), head to our local art shop and persuade Daddy to take the baby out in his pram! We decided to make a little family of Easter chicks complete with tissue paper feathers and the afore mentioned goggly eyes! And here is what we did…

1. Gathered supplies! Yellow card, orange card, yellow tissue, goggly eyes, glue, sticky tape, pens and scissors

2. To buy me time to get a mini production line going, I set my daughter to work tearing up tissue paper!


3. I drew out the outline for four chicks in varying sizes and cut them out. I cut out four beaks and eight feet. My daughter is at that age where she is fascinated with scissors so with hindsight I’d have quite liked to have prepped these bits in advance, but let’s face it, my laundry basket is overflowing, the dishwasher needed unloading and reloading, ditto with the washing machine so this was never going to happen!


4. Starting with Daddy Chick, we added feet to his round body.


5. My daughter covered him in glue and then stuck the shredded tissues all over him. Well almost all over, my OCD kicked in here and I filled a few gaps!


6. Glue was liberally applied to the beak and eyes and my daughter proudly stuck them on his face. Ta daaaa! One chick down, three to go! Process repeated quickly with three more chicks before the little one lost interest and Daddy and hungry baby returned!


Top tip: If you haven’t already bought a vinyl table cloth now would be the time to get one to save you scrubbing away at your lovely table removing spilt glue or pen marks!

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